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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OMG!!! Finally Published.

Pardon me while I squeeeee all over the place.  It finally happened, I've got a right to say 'published author'.

"Sex Toy Stories:  Erotic Tales of Naughty Play" published by Ravenous Romance.  Don't believe me?  Go ahead, take a look!

This nearly didn't happen.  I entered a contest with first prize being the opportunity to be in this Anthology.  I didn't win the contest.  Add in a lot of miscellaneous distractions from RL and I also didn't check the email account I set up to participate in that contest.  Oops.

They had decided to include my story and wanted my info ASAP!  OMG.  I barely made it under the wire.  Leave it up to me to almost ruin my first chance to be published.

Thank you Lori Perkins, Editor, Agent and all around super-woman.  You made my day!